Dedicated to the Fullmetal Alchemist OTP
Roy Mustang and Edward Elric <3



Roy Mustang, General in the Amestris army well before forty and with a keen eye on the very top, the furhership, was in his office when he received a phone-call. On the other end of the line: Edward Elric, on his way back to town after a short trip to the Huckenburger library, famous for it's ancient manuscripts on alchemic symbolism. The phone-call was short and to the point but as he put back the receiver Roy felt a now familiar fluttering in his stomach, a mixture of nervous anticipation, excitement and dread at the same time. Ed back in town means sex with Ed the Ed way and Roy loved it, he couldn't deny it, but it was also causing him doubts, mostly about himself.

Edward and he had been lovers for over a year now. They didn't live together, though Roy secretly believed, when he was honest with himself, that this was only a matter of time. After succesfully restoring his brother Ed had quit the Military as soon as possible and built a career for himself as a researcher at Central University. He was considered brilliant, he could do no wrong as long as he sometimes published one of his incredible papers; which gave him the freedom to roam around at will. On rare occasions, and most condescendingly, he advised the military. Roy was convinced Ed only agreed to do it to watch them squirm and he couldn't help the little thrill when he witnessed it.

Ed arrived on his doorstep that evening, confident and grinning; glowing and gorgeous, so attractive Roy couldn't help but be pleased that this man had chosen him, of all people, as his mate. And Roy loved to get fucked by this grown up and very successful Ed. It was not what he ever envisioned for himself and despite himself, he still wasn't quite convinced this was what he really wanted out of a relationship. He had never been able to say no, though and the physical evidence of his completion was always undeniable. He let himself be pushed, be tied up, bitten and fucked and he came again and again, thrashing and wailing. Ed loved the little games they played, loved to press Roy against the wall with his body, confident they both liked this equally. He either liked something or he didn't and if he didn't it didn't happen, clear as glass. Roy was the wavering one here, the one who would have to draw the line, if that was what he wanted.

It was a familiar dance, full of anticipation. Ed crowded Roy, pulled at his clothes, undoing buttons and clasps. Roy in turn touched, stroked the long blond hair, the tanned skin where available until Ed grabbed his hands and held them away from their bodies, pinned them against the wall as he sought Roy's mouth and kissed him deeply, invading his mouth with a demanding tongue. Roy's knees buckled, he moaned and tried to thrust his body into Ed's, who held him off. He pressed his automail knee between Roy's legs, keeping them apart. This was what he wanted, no, what he craved, would crave if it wasn't for his masculine pride that snarled in his chest. He recalled the time Ed confessed he had wanted him for a long, long time. That he never really wanted anyone else and that was flattering. Roy spread his legs wider.

"I missed you," Ed said conversationally, as if he hadn't just reduced Roy to throbbing need. A whiny sound escaped him, not trusting himself to not outright beg.

He felt a twinge, a little jolt of shame for his eagerness, the sheer speed at which he hardened at these less than tender touches. He still wasn't used to feeling like this, he used to be the one always in control, who called the shots. He used to have a reputation for a reason, possibly still had it. No longer deserved though, at least not in his own eyes.

Ed shrugged and took him by the hand, dragging him off towards the bedroom where he pushed Roy on the bed and took off his own clothes, revealing his own horniness, which in turn caused Roy to salivate.

The big difference between them, or so Roy believed while he still had the presence of mind to think rationally, was the amount of control they could muster. Ed reduced Roy to a puddle of goo almost right away while he himself seemed endlessly capable of rational thought. How could that be? That was not how they used to work, in daily life Roy had always been the controlled one, while Ed could lose his temper at the drop of a hat. What had changed? When did Ed become the one person in the world who could push Roy's head down into his groin and have Roy let him? It was a complete mystery and the smell and taste of Ed's cock took away coherency and left only intense lust and his own pulsing dick.

When Ed pushed him away, still rock hard, he whined in earnest. But this is part of the game, never any satisfaction till the very end. Roy knew this well, but it was never any easier. Ed crawled all over him, licking and sucking, fleetingly, maddening while he never, ever came near Roy's cock, now painfully hard and dripping.

He wanted to touch himself, to find some relief but his hands were caught immediately.

"Mine," hissed Ed, his eyes narrowed, nipping at naked flesh with a ferocious hunger.

Roy licked his lips and clenched his teeth as another whiny noise made its way out.
"Touch me," he managed to grind out. "Damn it, Ed!"

Ed clacked his tongue in mocking disapproval, smiling broadly.
"In due time, we not there yet."

Roy struggled half-heartedly, trying to pull free but not too hard, his treacherous self somehow afraid Ed might take it in earnest and stop what he was doing.

"Behave!" Ed crowed. "I can't leave your hands free now, can I?"

He grabbed his pants, pulled the leather belt free and used it to tie Roy's hands behind his back. It ended with Roy face down in his pillow, straddled by his lover, who was kneading his ass cheeks.

"You could let me fuck you for a change," Roy panted as he struggled against the tight leather straps.

"I don't think so," Ed grinned at him, breathing heavily and gleaming with sweat. "It's too much fun to see you writhe about."

What Ed might lack in finesse, and he was learning all the time, he more than compensated with unbridled enthusiasm, passion and strength. Roy was powerless against the onslaught though he tried, unwilling to give up his dignity without a struggle. Unfortunately, his efforts seemed to encourage Ed to be more dominant, to try harder and conquer and at some point Roy lost. Invariably, he lost and came, hard and helpless with Ed's cock up his ass and his hands tied behind his back, while he panted in the pillows and his lover laughed and laughed.

And Ed cared, that was absolutely certain. He wiped Roy down with a damp cloth, pressing gentle kisses after it. He was so tender, almost sweet in his solicitude. Roy didn't want to move, ever again, wrung out, sprawled on the bed. He felt good, life was good and he didn't want anything more. Not today, tomorrow the doubts would surface again but for now he was pleased with how his life had turned out.

"Are you satisfied now?" Ed asked as he slid under the covers, smiling.

"Hmm?" Roy could barely find the strength to reach out an arm and invite Ed to come closer. Ed nosed his shoulder, his hair, all golden, spilling over Roy's chest.

"Are you happy? Was it good for you?" He wriggled around, fitting himself against Roy just so, an arm slung over Roy's chest.

"Very," Roy murmured. "What? Didn't you enjoy it?"

"Sure, it was great," he felt Ed shrug against him. "But you like the rough stuff, I dunno if I'm very good at it."

Roy was silent for a moment, drowning in his conflicting emotions until he surfaced with yet a new aspect of being involved with Edward Elric. Ed wass still young, not too young anymore but quite young. He had never known another lover. And Roy was only reaping what he'd sown, wasn't he?
"You're great at it," he said, his voice rough. "Couldn't ask for more, really."



One perfectly good reason for the desire to hold the position of Fuhrer of Amestris would be to have no equals in rank to humour. This was the line of thinking that went through the head of General Roy Mustang while he walked away from General Smythe. Smythe was an idiot and deserved to be punched in the face, but there were things one just didn't do to one's peers. Damn. Still.

The day had begun like most of its kind: slow. Getting up reluctantly, making some haste to get to work at least moderately on time, avoiding the /looks/ of Major Hawkeye. Coffee and a bit of paperwork until lunch. Eating a sandwich in a quiet little café. On his way back to his desk he ran into General Smythe, recent transfer from some backwater station out West and, as it turned out, the type to listen to gossip.

"I have heard," Smyhte said, lounging against a desk, "you have quite the reputation in the sack."

"You should not rely on intelligence from the bathroom walls," Roy said, not unkindly. He had conversations like these a thousand times, ranging from requests for advice to insinuations about his current situation. He tended to hear the other party out before jumping to conclusions.

Smyhte ducked his head, still a youngish man, not unattractive in a lanky, weedy way.
"I might be interested," he said deadpan.

Roy quirked an eyebrow, the only outward sign of his perturbance. Subtle the man was not. Good grief. Still, it might be a set up of some kind.
"Rather forward," he remarked, grade four chilly: take care of your tongue.

"Seriously," Smythe said and actually winked. "Anytime, just say the word."

"Thanks for the offer, but no," Roy nodded. "Not interested, no offence. I'm in a relationship these days. Committed, you know."
He wasn't harsh, no need for that but he really didn't want to have this conversation with this man. Wasn't it a blessing to be able to hide behind his relationship for once?

"I heard," Smyhte nodded, oblivious as well as a gossiper. "But he travels a lot, right? In fact he is away right now, so you can do as you please?"

Unbelievable cheek or ice-cold challenge? Roy looked as bland as possible.
"Right, and it pleases me to be faithful," he drawled.

Smythe chuckled.
"I did hear you were whipped but I didn't believe it," he managed.

Just wonderful. What in hell did it take to get rid of this idiot? And what exactly had the man 'heard'?
He smiled sadly, shaking his head.
"One day you might meet some-one special," he drawled. "I sincerely hope you will, and then you may understand what it's like to just not want to jeopardise what you've got."
He nodded once for emphasis, still smiling blandly and walked out.

He sat behind his desk craftily ignoring the mountain of paperwork, contemptuous at first, with a sprinkling of pity. As if being committed to your relationship was a weakness! Smythe obviously had never met Edward, otherwise he wouldn't talk such rot.

He had to dismiss the possibility of a conspiracy. That would mean his intelligence on the various factions was failing to such an extent he'd deserve to be taken down. Wouldn't do to be too complacent though, but he could ignore that for the time being. That left a crude attempt at a come on. He should be flattered, really, but all he could muster was a certain distaste. He didn't have to appreciate being proposed like some hard up cadet.

During the long, otherwise incredibly dull afternoon, a tiny speck of doubt filtered through his consciousness. It was a fact that Ed was very dominant, it was often so much easier to give in, to let him have his way rather than prepare for endless, exhausting battle. They'd never stop fighting. Ed didn't grasp elusive concepts like giving in or strategic retreat. The treacherous thoughts were dismissed with a toss of his head. He was Roy Mustang, dammit. Not some sad push-over. Ed loved him! There was no doubt whatsoever about that.

The house /felt/ different when he entered his front-door in the evening. There was a vibrancy, a kind of energy in its atmosphere that announced Ed's return before he opened the door to the living-room and was greeted with a cheerful "Hi there, bastard!"

"My love," he countered without missing a beat and bend over the vision of gold sprawled on the couch for a deep and lingering kiss.

Roy felt an urgent, shameful urge to prove himself, to show he was able to have it his way. He put a hand on the neck of his lover and kissed him hard. Ed grinned into his mouth, enjoying the challenge, throwing himself into the kiss with the determination that was so very characteristic for him. And if Roy might not have expected this response he didn't show it, he responded in kind, leading to an energetic, joyful tongue-wrestling match, that was, frankly, /hot/. Ed was pleased to be home, glad to see him again and horny as hell, ready to go at it any way Roy suggested. He groaned, wrapping his mismatched arms around his lover's back as he ground his hips into Roy's.

Ed was twenty now, and he'd blossomed spectacularly after the end of his quest. His brother was safe and sound, puttering away in Risembool. Ed still paid lip service to the cause of restoring his limbs but it was very much Al's project. He had been curiously reluctant at the time to leave Central or to sever bonds with the Military until Al had forced him to come out with his reasons: he had wanted to stay with Roy, who had carefully been avoiding the subject for fear of turning out to be a perverted letch. Ed however, once committed to a cause was unstoppable. Roy /was/ interested so what could possibly stop them? And Roy was only a flesh and blood man, unable to withstand the unrelenting onslaught. Ed everywhere. Ed furious if he did as much as take someone out for a cup of coffee. Roy had valiantly tried to do what he thought was right, even introduced Edward to likely candidates. That hadn't gone over well. Ed wanted him, him, him and fuck, and damn. In the end Roy had caved, had felt like a dog until he had given over, allowed himself to enjoy what he'd got so undeservedly. That had been two years ago. Time had proven Edward right.

Roy reached for the lube under his pillow and managed to get some on his fingers. Ed's flesh hand meanwhile had found his lover's dick and was stroking that to unbearable hardness with his thumb, causing said lover to lose some cognitive functions. That was no good, Roy wanted to be in control, wanted to have his way. He moved Ed's hand from his cock and put in on the younger man's own, pumping it with both their hands, slick with Roy's pre-cum.

"I want you," Roy murmured against his lover's mouth, as he moved his hand, with firm, long strokes. Ed grunted, pressed himself against Roy and threw his head backward to expose his throat. Roy took the invitation, nipped under the chin, swirled his tongue around in the hollow at the base of his throat and sucked at the collarbone. He put his other hand on Ed's firm buttock, kneading it for a bit before letting his finger slide in the cleft.

"I'm going to fuck you," he panted, holding on to the threads of his coherence with great effort as Ed explored his neck, his shoulders with his tongue.

"Less talk, more fuck," Ed growled, allowing his tongue only the brief respite necessary to get the words out before he went back to devouring Roy one lick at the time.

He felt exhilaration. His brand of subtle manipulation was proving its worth once again and fed his self-confidence. He sought Ed's anus and worked it with his fingers, trying al the tricks he knew that made Ed writhe and gasp.

As he penetrated the young man, as Ed gasped and panted beneath him, he couldn't help his growl. The electric heat, the sheer pleasure drove all thoughts, all ideas from his head. He only existed in the now, where everything he ever wanted was happening. This was /Ed/, his lover, whose hot breath on his neck drove him wild. Ed, arched back, gritted teeth, not wanting to make a noise, he was irresistible. His hands, cold and hot, on Roy's back, panting. Climax of light and stars. Afterwards they twined in each others arms, nuzzling and smiling, thoughts about who owned who completely forgotten.

The day began like most of it's kind: waking up with a deep sense of satisfaction, Ed snoring softly in his arms, his scent invigorating, powering the energy needed to face the day. Stretching and not quite accidentally waking Ed, who blinked drowsily, and yawned, and wiggled. Roy grinned at the spectacle, rising.

"I'm going to make us some coffee," he announced.

Ed grunted in response but it did have a positive ring to it. He rolled over in the spot Roy has vacated and inhaled, eyes closed, a slight smile on his lips.

After a pleasant lunch together, they separated at the front stairs, Roy going to his office, Ed to the library. Ed waving casually as he walked away, grinning. Roy watched him go, an involuntary smile curling his lip. He sighed and mounted the stairs to face the afternoon of work. The very first person he chanced upon inside the door was Smythe, whose eyes grew wide as he spotted Roy, and he literally flattened himself against the wall. Roy arched a curious eyebrow at him and the man cringed. He didn't quite know what to do with this so he cowardly made his way around the quivering mass and hurried on to his office. What could possibly have happened to the man's confidence since yesterday?

He stopped at Havoc's desk. The Lieutenant looked incredibly innocent, pure as driven snow.
"What the hell did you tell Fullmetal?" Roy asked, very, very carefully, leaning forward over the man's desk.
Havoc swallowed.
"I may have mentioned General Smythe to Ed?" he tried to sound casual and failed. "Um. I just told him there were rumours, nasty gossip, quite likely originating from Smythe. Which is all true. Um. Ed didn't like it."
That was the understatement of the year, given that Ed's middle name should have been "protectiveness".

Roy Mustang settled behind his desk for the afternoon haul and leaned back with a wry grin. He had heard Ed arrive in the office earlier and leave again. He even had asked about it but Ed had shrugged and said he'd had something to take care of. Roy hadn't thought to question that, still going on the high from last night. Negligent. Well, Smythe had still been in one piece, Ed had shown remarkable restraint. This thought made a warm glow of pride swell in Roy's heart. His lover /was/ maturing and might, one day, be somewhat less of a menace. Perhaps he ought to experience chagrin at Ed's interference in his affairs but he couldn't find it in him. The reality of Edward's presence influenced his priorities to an alarming extent. He /was/ owned, it was undeniably true. The laws of equivalent exchange however, worked in his favour, he owned in turn and what he possessed was of much higher value.


A Bad Idea (reprise)

Edward Elric, fifteen years old State Alchemist, also known as Fullmetal, slammed the door of his dorm-room shut behind him and threw the folder he was holding to the wall with all the force he was capable of. It made a disappointing splat sound and its contents gently drifted to the floor, scattering everywhere. He ground his teeth at them. Fucking, fucking hell, he hated the Military, he hated its guts and he /loathed/ the stinking, smug, fucking bastard Colonel Arse-hole. Condescending shit-head preaching to him about responsibility and regulations. What the fuck did the bastard know about it? Desk-bound slacker didn't have a clue what it was like out in the field and if he thought Ed gave a flying fuck about the rules he was even more of an idiot than he looked with his smug face and smug grin and smug dark eyes.

So what if the Military brass was paying attention to him? So what? How was that any different from any other time? He could handle whatever came his way, just as he was doing, thank you very much. It was just him and Al anyway, nobody here could be trusted. The Military was only out for their own gain, they'd squeeze him out to the last drop if he'd let them. Well, he wasn't, not gonna happen. He was the one using the Military here, he would be out as soon as he'd reached his goal and if he'd never see another uniform in his life, that would be just fine. He shook himself, limbs flying. He really didn't need this crap, he needed to focus, dammit and work on restoring Al, that was what he needed to be doing. He was going to take a shower and then hit the books, so this day wouldn't be a complete waste.

He sat down on the lower bunk to undo his boots. A tiny nagging voice in the back of his head, sounding suspiciously like Al, told him he was being grossly unfair to at least some of the Military. Mustang's clique was okay, even if they made fun of him and never showed proper respect. And, yes, alright, maybe Mustang wasn't all bad, not quite the same league as creepy Hakuro, but man, nothing in the world could make him as angry as that little superior smirk Mustang had when he tried to get a rise out of him. And he succeeded every bloody time, slimy bastard. Only good thing about getting sent on a long, boring, pointless mission was not to have to look at that bastard for weeks.

He got up, shrugged of his jacket, pulled his tank top over his head. He yanked the tie from his skewed braid, shook out his head and combed his hair with his fingers. Al was shopping and the little dorm-room had the luxury of a private shower: he could do whatever he liked for the time being. He wriggled out of his tight, leather pants and stuck his flesh hand in his boxers. When you were fifteen years old and shared your living-space with your little brother, you took the opportunity to spank the monkey whenever it presented itself. Keep the other hand away. Not too long ago it wasn't a problem, but these days there was hair down there and it /hurt/ when it snagged on his automail joints.

He wondered, sometimes, what it would be like, having sex, but it seemed complicated. It involved dating and romance and crap and there was no-one in the world he was willing to put up with that shit for. This was okay, this was /fine/, this felt good, he could keep doing this.

He could see, in his mind's eye, pale hands cupping his face, a mouth coming closer and closer to touch his lips, light first, then lingering. Dark eyes looking into his and closing as sensations arose. His eyes closed in response, rubbing his dick as it hardened under his hand. His face felt glowing hot. Oh, yeah, and the hands moved lower, sliding over his back and his chest, that was good. Too late to get into the shower, gotta do this first, the mouth in his neck and dark hair caressing his skin.

He rubbed and pulled, gently at first, and grabbed the top bunk with his right hand for support as he bit his lower lip. Maybe someone could lick your nipple, swirling around with the tip of their tongue, uh, that would feel good. He tipped his head backwards and gasped for breath, breathing faster and faster and he pulled a little harder. Fuck, good, fuck ooh, yeah, and you could put your hand in their dark hair and push their head down and they would lick along your belly, and he hissed out his breath, lower and lower, until they found your groin, and they would touch your balls, ooh, and lick them. Jolts of pleasure shivered up from his cock and down every limb, his automail leg spasmed a bit, fuckfuckfuck. And, and, then they'd lick down the length of your dick, and take it in their mouth, and suck, and that would feel fucking amazing, he could tell, gliding in and out of that smug mouth. Ah, ah, and, hot and tight and wet until you'd explode, cumming, seeing stars and flashes of light and, ooh, FUCK. He was done, panting as his cock jerked in his hand, cum wetting his boxers. He leaned into the top bunk, completely spent and for a few blissful moments just blank.

It wasn't until he was in the shower, soaping up and enjoying the pleasant buzz of afterglow when it hit him. The pale skin, the dark hair with matching eyes, the smug fucking mouth... He had been jerking of while thinking of ratbastard Mustang! His eyes grew the size of saucers while his whole body cringed. Urgh, like that was ever going to happen in a million years! Never, ever. This was just his deranged hormones going wild, nothing to do with him. He would just stop jerking off altogether and never think of this again. Right. That'd work.


A Bad Idea

Colonel Roy Mustang, twenty-nine years old and on his way to the top, dropped his keys on the kitchen table and proceeded to undo the buttons of his woollen trench-coat. It had been a long day and he felt exhausted. Someone, someday, would have to be the one to take the little brat down a peg or two and it was going to be him, wasn't it?

He was the one who had spent several hours this morning placating his superiors, assuring them problems were less severe than they seemed, easily fixable, reports exaggerated, not as bad as it looked, opportunities in disguise actually. Of course Fullmetal wasn't running rampant in the country, he was on top of things, everything was planned, part and parcel of the greater good of the Military. He could be trusted to handle things, no interference was needed at all. There was no way anyone else was going to take credit for the amazing things the kid managed to pull between his bouts of raging destruction. His hard work, and he was going to reap the benefits. And if Fullmetal had any sense at all of what was good for him he would do something /great/ soon because after this fiasco his CO needed to be reminded it was all worthwhile.

Not that he had that sense. Roy had spent a good part of the afternoon trying to get it through to Fullmetal's thick little skull that he had responsibilities, that there were rules that did, indeed, apply to him, and that he needed to clean up his act. He was reasonably sure the brat fully understood his point and would, at the very next opportunity, throw all conventional wisdom to the wind and create an obscene amount of damage, consternation and paperwork. The Colonel had then dealt with the inevitable screaming and finally managed to send the kid on his way with fresh orders, devised to keep Fullmetal out of his hair and away from prying eyes for the next couple of weeks. All in all a job well done.

Time for a shower and then perhaps he could call around, see if anyone could be persuaded to meet up for a drink tonight. He needed to unwind, to take his mind of work and subordinates who generated much more of it than they ought, given their diminutive stature. He could actually hear the rant the belonged with a statement like that. Damn, this was costing him far too much time. While he didn't begrudge the time needed to keep the certain elements in the Military of Fullmetal's back, there was no need to keep thinking of him when at home, when there were much more pleasant thoughts to be had. He moved towards his bedroom, taking off the rest of his uniform. Which of his acquaintances would be his choice for tonight? Brunette? Redhead? Blonde?

His reflection in the bathroom mirror looked great, as expected. He ran his hand over his face, no need to shave yet. How long would it be before Fullmetal needed to shave? He was still very much a child at, what? Fifteen? Chubby cheeks and smooth, clear skin. Good skin, yes, good colouring as well. The Colonel shook his head at himself. He must really be tired to be thinking like this, there was not a single moment in space and time where this line of thought was a good idea. It should be rule number one in the Officer's Handbook: Do not contemplate the potential attractiveness of your underage subordinates.

Besides, Fullmetal might look fine, he was still an impossible brat and always would be. Basically a good kid though, brave, loyal, soft-hearted. Smart too, besides being an alchemical prodigy, he was streetwise. No, devious, that was the right word. Alright, now could he please drop this and focus on the now? A shower and a pretty face, able to take a man's mind of a certain State Alchemist who really didn't warrant this much contemplation. Seriously, enough.

He turned on the taps, scratching his balls as the small room filled with steam. Ah, that felt good. He stepped into the spray, letting it soak him as he cupped his balls with both hands, brushing them with his thumbs. He felt the tingle, electric, run through his entire body and he wiggled his toes. Mmm, he slowly tilted his head back, the water pouring over his face. Image of golden eyes framed by gold lashes, sending a pleasurable jolt down his spine and into his groin, causing his dick to harden fully.

Oh, yes, so good, he opened his eyes a tiny crack to seek out that soap. He was a bloody genius for buying the stuff, useless for cleaning but mild and thick and goopy, just what he needed right now. He rubbed the bar between his hands, working a generous amount of lather and just dropped the bar unceremoniously when the desire to rub his cock became too urgent to deny any longer.

He slowly stroked the length of his dick, up and down, feeling every ridge and vein under his fingers. Nice. Vision of long, flowing gold hair and tan skin, ah, his hand moved faster, applying more pressure, yes, hot water on his back and his balls, full and hard between his legs, and the thrum of his heartbeat in sync with the pulsing of his dick in his hand.

The swing of a braid as the golden eyes narrowed and full lips opening to reveal even white teeth, oh god, he put one hand to the wall to steady himself as he tugged rhythmically, just how he liked it and ah, firm leather-clad buttocks, damn good. Harder and faster, little stars exploding behind his eyes, stars in the luminous golden eyes and the full lips that looked quite kissable, couldn't you just tell, yes, oh, yes, god. He came with a shudder, overwhelmed by the sensations, mind utterly blank for a blissful moment as cum spattered over his stomach and was washed away by the steaming water.

He panted, took a couple of deep breaths to steady his heartbeat. That had been very satisfying, hot damn. He should definitely call... His head jerked up and his eyes opened wide as the realisation hit him. Dear god, he had not been jerking off to Edward Elric, had he? Fuck, but he had. He had. He groaned and put a hand over his face. The pleasant afterglow dwindled super-fast into something very close to sheer horror. He was not attracted to a fifteen year old pain in the arse? No please, don't answer that. He stood in shock for a few minutes until he was able to force himself to turn off the taps and towel dry.

Forget about going out, he was going to sleep and in the morning this would not be anything else than a moment of insanity caused by fatigue. Absolutely. Definitely. Please.


Two For Joy

His chest heaved, his head spun and he fell face down on the mattress, fighting the black swirls on the edge of his vision. Water: thirty-five litres, carbon: twenty kilos, ammonia: four litres, the complex array for human transmutation, the one to make a Philosopher's Stone out of a village, out of twenty people, the exchange for just you. The images repeated themselves mercilessly, again and again. The eyes of Al, horrified as he disintegrated, the glowing eyes of the transmuted monster that was not his mother, the gate of truth and again from the beginning. He moaned, low and hoarse, tears streaming down his face. This was wrong, all wrong and he didn't have time, he was close, so close to his goal and Al needed him and that bastard, something. Eight-hundred grams of phosphorus, two-hundred and fifty grams of salt... The world faded away to black.


He laid on his back, blinking and breathing heavy, staring at the unknown ceiling in the unknown room. Where was this? Bland room, nothing personal here, hotel? It didn't smell like a hospital, small mercy. How in hell had he got here, how long had he been here? He should call somebody. He would really like something to drink, but he was too heavy to move and his head hurt. He closed his eyes against the burning, so hot, so cold. Better to sleep some more, deal with things later.


When next he woke up, arrays, each more complicated than the next, swirled behind his closed eyes, making the world spin. He felt pinned down by terror, hot and cold waves took turns to sweep over his body. He longed for peace, for quiet but there was no escape from the turmoil, the pounding of his heartbeat in his ears. He groaned, tossed about. He wanted to be home, stupid since home had been burned down a long time ago hadn't it and always go forward and where was Al? Yet a stubborn voice insisted that he was nearly there, nearly there, stupid to be hanging around here while home was so close. Where was the Colonel/bastard/Fuhrer/Roy?


"Come on, get up," gentle voice penetrating the dark and he squinted against harsh light, grotesque shadows dancing on the walls as several people had crowded into the small room.

Hands grabbed his and pulled him up, dizziness and nausea and the black tendrils that reached out from the edges of his vision, memories of the Gate. He swayed, his knees buckling, falling into the figure, taking hold of the fabric in front of him. He curled into the warmth, familiar scent that was safe and moaned. Arms around him, holding him upright. Good enough, no need for him to deal with anything, even if that would be an actual option right now.


He blinked against the soft pillow, warm, comfortable scent.

"He's looking somewhat better now. The doctor said it must have been a particularly nasty virus since his health is usually so robust. I'm so grateful the innkeeper decided to call me, though we'll need a new private number now... Uh-huh... Of course you can come by."

He turned his head towards Roy's voice. The man was sitting in a chair by the bedside, in full uniform, on the phone. He took a deep breath, relief dispelling some of the bleakness he felt. It was so good to be home. Disjointed memories of the last few days nudged him. That had been truly dreadful, had he been delirious?

"Ah, he is awake," Roy said in the receiver. "We will be seeing you in a few hours then? Alright, take care."
He moved over to the bedside and put a hand on Ed's forehead.
"How are you feeling, love?"

"Better," his voice was cracked but the world wasn't spinning and he remembered his own name. "Don't recall how I got here though."

Roy held out a glass containing something orange. Ed reached out, his arm trembling with the effort.

"My automail is not responding," he said, more puzzled than anything else as his right arm stayed firmly on the bed, disinclined to obey his desire to sit up.

Roy held on the the glass and let the younger man sip from it, sitting down on the edge of the bed.
"I'm not surprised, you were quite sick, you have effectively depleted your reserves. We can only be grateful you had the presence of mind to check into an inn. When you didn't leave your room for a couple of days the landlord called the number you put on the registration form, which was ours. We came to pick you up at once, you were only five kilometres from Central."

Ed frowned.
"What day is it?"

"It's Thursday, October fifth."

Ed took a shuddering breath and another. He recalled being eager to get home, to be able to spend the third with Al. And then things had gone wrong. He had spend the very day he was supposed to be thinking of moving forward trapped in the past, unable to feel anything but regret and guilt. he had not thought of Al as he was now, healthy and whole, perfectly content with his life. He had not thought of his own present life, apart from vague thoughts about Roy. Was this who he really was deep inside himself? Was his subconscious such a pit of self-pity and whiny crap that the present, where his quest was at an end and all he had fucked up had righted itself, didn't even exist?

"What is it?" Roy Mustang, Fuhrer of Amestris, was sitting by his bedside when he should be doing Truth knows what and he had not even remembered the man. So much for love. He covered his eyes with his shaky left hand. He really couldn't recall when he had ever felt this miserable.

"I feel sick," he said. Lame, but how even to begin explaining this? He didn't even know if he dared.

"You took quite a beating," Roy concurred, looking concerned. "You're still feverish and probably feeling very low. You're never at your best this time of year, even when you're otherwise fine."

Ed removed the hand from his face to stare at the man.

"What? I know you inside out. Want some more juice?" He held up the glass. "I'll wager you had nothing but fever induced nightmares about your mother and the night of the transmutation, and now you're beating yourself up because you feel you should have left it all behind long ago. People don't work that way, Edward."

He pressed his face into Roy's thigh, very definitely not crying, as the man's fingers tenderly made curls in the hair at Ed's temple.
"You're such a pompous know-it-all, Roy. I have no idea why I love you," he sounded pitiful, couldn't care less. He felt nearly giddy with relief. Weird, how fever made everything so much more.

"You know," Roy said gently, almost teasing. "There is another anniversary coming up, the seventh, if I'm not mistaken."

Ed opened one eye to look up at him, confused. Roy smiled, his hand never ceasing their soothing rhythm.

"That was when we first met in Central, remember?"

Ed felt the corners of his mouth curl up voluntarily. The last dregs of the nightmare vanished at last and he wiggled.

"I could do with something to eat."

"You must be feeling better," Roy bend over to kiss the top of his head.


What Ed Did On His Holiday

Breakfast at the Elric/Mustang household: they sat opposite each other, quietly sipping coffee. It was a blessing to be with a partner who was as grumpy in the morning as yourself, and Roy, once he was capable of forming the thought, thanked whatever higher power might be out there for it.

Ed was waking up to the point where his plate became interesting, he raised somewhat from his slump and picked up his fork. Roy took another sip of black coffee. His memory jogged him, he remembered who he was again, what he did and what he was supposed to be doing.

"Ah, yes," he said. "I forgot to tell you yesterday; I'm going on a trip to Harung next week, inspection of Western Headquarters."

Ed peered at him. For a moment it looked like he was wondering who the hell Roy was again but apparently he came to the right conclusion in the end.
"How long is that going to take?"
He frowned a bit, spearing more on his fork than ought to be humanly possible.

"A week, perhaps two, I suppose," Roy sighed. On the one hand: nice trip, meeting new people, getting them to fawn on him. On the other, two weeks with no Ed. That evoked images of an endless desert, dried out bones and tumbleweeds.

Ed chewed and swallowed.
"I could come along," he offered.

It was an attractive idea but Roy just couldn't fit it in.
"In what capacity?" he asked. "You'd have to come as one of my staff and it'll be a pain to get alone together."
He braced himself for what he knew was coming.
"I hope to gain support for my cause while I'm there and don't want any suspicion about my person. Central is different, people here tend to be pragmatic. I don't know enough about the West to take chances."

He carefully glanced over at his lover who appeared frozen, fork poised halfway to his plate. Roy kept an eye on that, ready to dodge if necessary. Ed let go of the thing, it clattered to the table with an ominous clang.

"If this is you main concern," he said, in a voice that would be a snarl later in the day. "I could just leave altogether. I don't want to be in your way, if all this is inconvenient there is no need..."

"Shut up," Roy interrupted the tirade. "You know better. I don't want to hear it, you know what? Why don't /I/ quit? We'll be free to do whatever we like, or whatever you like anyway. No more social responsibilities, no more political manoeuvres. Screw the country, why should we care at all?"

"Don't be stupid," Ed slumped, hand on his forehead. "Of course you have to go on. Damn, you think I'd have anything to do with the military at all if it wasn't for you?"

Roy was taken aback, Ed bitched about the army all the time but he had never stated his reasons to stick to the military this clearly before.

"I can't take you along," he didn't manage to keep the pleading out of his voice completely.

Ed took a deep breath, released it again. He narrowed his eyes in thought for a moment.

"I know!" he announced, recovering the abused fork. "I'm going west on my own. Nothing to do with your trip. We can have secret meetings, it'll be fun."

Roy smiled at his enthusiasm.
"It sounds lovely but I'm afraid I won't have the time to plot rendez vous."

"You don't have to," Ed waved the fork around cheerfully. "Leave it to me. I'll meet up with you, all totally discreet like. Nobody will even know I'm around."

"Ed, you're quite well known," Roy felt he had to point this out though he hated to dampen the infectious enthusiasm. He loved seeing Ed's eyes shine and his grin being a real smile.

"Don't worry about it," Ed devoured his eggs with renewed vigour. "You think I can't lie low? I do it all the time. Harung won't know what hit it."

Roy looked at the plan from all angles and though he saw several flaws he couldn't resist. Ed was happy, disaster averted and he would probably have enough space to spin potential damage to his advantage.

"We can at least travel together," he offered.

"I'm looking forward to it," Ed grinned around his last mouthful. "Hell, it'll be like a vacation."

Continued here.



It was a warm evening in late summer, just outside the village of Rizembul. A field of wheat, a patch of grass and a couple of trees set the scene. Ed leaned back against one of the trees.

"Nothing ever changes here," he said, his voice somehow carrying a challenge, daring him to disagree. "Though people change continually. Why is that?"

Roy smiled and sat down himself, next to the vibrant young man, very close by him.

"It takes a very determined individual to change society, to alter the course of history, my love. And there has to be need, a reason for change."

"You wish to do it," Edward reached out with his automail hand to lightly touch Roy's lips. "Will you change the lives of people who have no need for change? Who are satisfied with what they have?"

Roy took the hand in his and pressed his lips in the palm.

"Why are you asking?"

"Because I want you to be aware of what you're doing. I want you to know that if you pursue your goal and want me by your side you can't go against the well-being of people like these. I will make sure of that."

Roy leaned into him and kissed him. It didn't take more than a few seconds for Ed to respond and they kissed slow and thorough, it was that kind of evening, warm and lazy, ripe wheat shifting in just a touch of wind.

"Still," Ed said, once they needed to breathe and came apart. "No matter how much I love you, bastard," (because he couldn't just say it without a caveat). "If you stray from the course I'll be there. I will stop you if I have to."

"You will be my anchor," Roy promised, stroking blond wisps of hair from his lover's face. "I will do my utmost to reach my goal but it has no meaning for me if you're not by my side. Nothing has more value to me than your good opinion."

"Gah," Ed sneered, embarrassed. "Okay, yes, me too. And now we've talked enough."

Roy raised his eyebrows with a grin and pushed the younger man over in the grass, climbed on top of him, straddling his hips.

"Not that we're actually going to have sex here in the field," Ed groused. "Not right now anyway. Maybe we can sneak out tonight."

That is a great idea," Roy acknowledged, breathless as firm hands kneaded his thighs.


Iron Smut: Genderswitch and Ed Challenge

Yesterday I participated in the Iron Smut Contest on LJ. The prompt was to use genderswitch and Ed. This is my contest entry, written in 90 minutes, in 10 minute intervals, with 30 minutes to prepare a plot (which explains the lack thereof ;p):

(Warning: het!)

Roy Mustang had had his share of surprises since he came to know the Elric brothers and it never seemed to end. For one, the Elric brothers were no more; there was now one Elric brother, Alphonse Elric, lovely boy with bronze hair and bronze eyes. And there was Ed. That had been a huge surprise, bigger than seeing Al in the flesh for the first time. The explanation he had got for the change had been vague, they were still working it out themselves but Ed was no longer Edward, he was now she and referred to herself as simply Ed.

His mind had reeled, Alphonse was definitely unhappy with the situation, unable to feel comfortable in his perfect body while his sibling had undergone this enormous change and still carried automail on top of that, but Ed seemed unconcerned. In fact, Ed was perfectly fine. Still short, still hot tempered, still a terrific pain in the ass but apparently adjusting to a female body like it was nothing at all. The very idea of losing his dick made Mustang cringe and wail: anything but that. Ed was going about like he never had one at all. Of course, he had never shown any sign of sexual activity or interest at all, completely focused on fixing his brother.

There was a knock on his office door and the door was banged open before he could even open his mouth. In came Ed, dressed pretty much like she always had but not quite. The waistband of the leather pants seemed to have moved downwards significantly and the tank top upwards, leaving a bare midriff and stomach, tanned and nicely curved. Mustang had trouble taking his eyes off it, which worried him.

"This is hardly appropriate dress, Fullmetal," he managed. "You never used to expose yourself like this."

She smiled.

"Don't tell me you don't like it, bastard," she grinned very much like she always had. "I may have caused a car to run into a street-pole on my way over."

She lowered herself on the couch, sitting with her legs stretched in front of her, utterly relaxed and at ease.
It was too much.

"Do you not mind what happened at all?" he burst out. "Do you not care about your loss?"

The wide gold eyes widened even further.

"My loss? I haven't lost anything! Al is back! He is here and he is alive and flesh and everything."

That was the Ed he knew, he had to admit that.
"I just thought you might find it hard to adjust to the changes in your own life," he tried to explain. "But you seem to take it all in stride. I should have known you would be brave enough to face another tragedy."

"There is no tragedy," Ed said, slowly as if trying to explain matters to a small child. "I feel good like this. I don't know why you should be all gloomy about it. I thought you'd like it, actually."

She winked and Roy's mouth fell open. The idea honestly hadn't crossed his mind but it did now, with a vengeance. Ed had been a good-looking boy and made a stunning girl. A car-crashing girl, apparently.

"You are an attractive girl, Fullmetal," he said smoothly, his face absolutely blank. "It's no wonder people stare, men especially I would think."

"Oh, yes," she said smugly. "It's too easy really. Ha, this will make my job a lot easier, men seem to want to act like idiots around women, I never really got that."

Roy balled his hands into fists.

In a sense it was good to find Ed could still provoke him, it made things more normal, more like they should be. Time to try if an old stand by still worked.

"Yes, many men allow themselves to be distracted by an attractive woman," he mused. "Of course, when she is really short this might work less well, they have top be able to see her."

She growled and jumped up to scream in his face. He didn't get most of the actual words and would probably be deaf for a few days but it was so good to hear the familiar rant. He blandly smiled in face of the spitting rage until a firm hand gripped his collar and pulled it down. Then he smelled her and his head spun. This was all wrong, this was Ed, for fuck's sake, Fullmetal, who was really a boy, but not really because he now felt two breasts pressing to his chest.

His breath faltered, the screaming had stopped, and god, she leaned into him and pressed her lips to his. His eyes widened, he shouldn't, but his rationale ground down to a screeching stop and he opened his lips to the tongue that pried between them. She didn't close her eyes, so very like Fullmetal, she tasted and probed and he would swear she had never done it before but it was damn good. He tried to gently kiss back, to be polite but it was useless, he was sucked in a hard and passionate kiss that made his head spin. Once they came up for air Ed moved back a little and narrowed her eyes.

"You know," she said, her voice hoarse. "This was pretty much what I've always wanted."

Roy felt his mouth fall open, he stood gaping like an uncouth fish.

"What?" he managed weakly. "I had no idea."

"Of course not," Ed looked at him with naked scorn. "Like that was possible. There'd be no end of trouble."

Yes, of course. Still, it was quite the confession. But wait.
"Fullmetal," he said carefully. "It is still a bad idea. You're very young and in my command."

A metal hand shoved him and he stumbled backward.
"Don't give me that crap," she spat. "You liked that just then! Don't try to deny it!"

He wouldn't dare. He was in big trouble and he knew it. He brushed his hands through his hair and sighed.

"Come here," he held out his hand. "If you are really, really sure?"

"Huh," she sneered. "You are the one who is stalling."

Obnoxious brat, but god, she was gorgeous. He pulled on the hand, since he was already on the floor they might as well stay there. She smirked as her body connected with his. He let a hand glide over her back, slender and ending in two firm, nicely rounded buttocks, which he groped for good measure. Part of him expected that any moment now she would come to her senses and attack. When that didn't happen, when she pressed herself on him, and kissed him again he thought he would lose what little sanity he still possessed. He let her take the lead, let her kiss him again and move her hands over his chest. She was very strong for a girl, that much had already been established.

She sat on top of him, took his hand and laid it on her breast. He gasped, it was that perfect, firm and round, soft. That was it, there might be a million reasons why this was a bad idea and would end in a disaster but right here and now there was /this/ and it was offered to him. His thumb moved over a pert nipple, which hardened to a nub. She arched her back into his touch. She wriggled, and that made him rock hard, like he was the teenager here. He fondled the breast some more, took the other one in his other hand, came up to suck the nipples. It drove her mad, he had skills, yes, and was goaded to use them, really. She was fumbling with the buttons of his pants, impatient, a sheen of sweat on her skin. He licked downwards, over the stomach, bending her backwards (she let him, anyway) and undid her pants with a practised ease.

"You can do this far too well," she growled with a whisper, pulled at him, pulled him towards her and he had to grin smugly.

He slid the pants down her thighs, removed his own while she licked his skin wherever she could get access, random but mind-blowing. Her tongue was like fire on his skin, who knew, who knew she was capable of this? If he had had even the faintest idea he would have taken the boy to bed but it never, ever had occurred to him. They were naked, ready and he moved inside her while she moved towards him and gasped, biting her nails into his arms. He didn't feel it, all his feeling was concentrated in his dick, which was sucked inside this girl, who was not really a girl but nothing else at the same time. She moaned, and clung as he moved himself, making little 'ah' noises. They found their rhythm, moved in perfect sync until they shattered.

He was laying flat on the floor, panting. She climbed up on her feet, whistling.

"That was fun," she said airily.

"Fun?" he smiled. "That's a bit of an understatement, isn't it?"

She stuck out her tongue.
"You are so full of yourself."



"Let me sit with you for a moment," Ed said with a most typical scowl as he entered the office. His heart was hammering in his chest, he just needed to feel the presence of the man he loved. He didn't wait for an answer, just crossed the floor, swung his legs over and landed in the General's uniformed lap. He snuggled his back against the man's chest, laid his head on the blue-clad shoulder, taking possession. Roy's arms came around him on cue, lips nuzzling the blond's temple.

"What is the matter?" the General asked eventually, having taken in the sullen frown and the pout, which was adorable, really. "What has upset you? There was some disturbance earlier, did you have anything to do with that?"

Ed sighed and declined to answer. He put his hands on those of his lover, looking at them while his lips worked, searching for the right words. He felt desperate for reassurance yet it was impossible for him to come out with it just like that.

"Ed, you're starting to worry me, what is it?" Roy pressed.

Ed took a deep breath, swallowed and plunged in.
"You know, /you know/ I love you, right?" he burst out. "I really do. I hardly ever say it, who needs all this mushy crap, it's driving me bat-shit but you must know."
He stopped and averted his head, looking fixedly to the wall, his breathing laboured.

"What in hell brought this on, Edward?" Roy freed a hand to stroke trough the bangs. "Of course you love me, as I love you. I can't believe you'd still think there is any doubt between us."

"Not doubt," Ed got out. "I know, I /do/ know. It's just," he took a deep breath. "I know I'm difficult, distracted, bad tempered..."

"Ill mannered," Roy added with a smile.

"Shut up," Ed growled, turning his head again to look at Roy form his vantage point against the man's shoulder.

"This is hardly new," the General said, soft now. "You've always been all of those things."

"Why do you put up with it?"

Ed weighed a fucking /ton/ and Roy shifted a little. No matter how good it felt to hold him close, it killed his legs.

"You're so beautiful," he murmured in the golden hair. "You really have no idea just how attractive you are, do you?"

"Are you telling me you only want me for my body?" Ed huffed and squirmed but his lips twisted in a bit of a smile.

Roy laughed out loud.

"Can you tell me exactly why you love me? Of course not, it's the sum of you, including the things that make you difficult, which is stupid anyway. You're perfectly lovely."

"Keep lying," Ed said, snuggling.

"Will you tell me what brought this on?" Roy leant down to kiss Ed's neck.

Ed cleared his throat.
"You know, the stir earlier?"

About an hour ago Ed had been in one of the base's bathrooms, having done what must be done, and was innocently pulling up his pants, when two random officers entered. Ed didn't know them and wouldn't have paid attention to them but he couldn't help overhearing them.

"...And then Mustang cussed me out. Man, I was shaking in my boots, never knew the guy could be like that and him so pretty!"
He guffawed, his colleague snorted.
"Not only that but can you imagine sleeping with Fullmetal, of all crazy idiots? How does Mustang keep from getting his face bashed in? He must be crawling on his belly at home."

At this point Ed had smashed his right fist through the stall wall. After a lot of screaming (he), which had been absolutely necessary, and abject grovelling (them), which had only been right, he had felt horrible. What if the idiots had a point? Did Roy in fact go out of his way to avoid confrontations? Ed had deftly eluded the MPs, who had come to check out the noise, and went directly to the one place that made it all better: Al's office. Of course Al's only, most urgent advice had been to go and talk to Roy and here he was.

"You know what?" Ed said, the fingers of his left hand sliding over Roy's arm as he narrated the tale. "Once I'm in the same room with you I know better. The contrary is true, you like to rile me up, you bastard. Deny it if you dare."

"Why should I," Roy sounded amused. "You wouldn't believe it anyway. But I don't do it on purpose, you know, you are just so touchy about certain subjects."

He nibbled on the blond's ear, outlining it with his tongue. His lover was gorgeous, every twitch, every gasp was delicious and he could never get enough.

"I am not," was the fully automatic response while Ed was thoroughly distracted by an index finger tracing his lips.

"Come on, get up," the General ordered, done with the teasing. "I want to kiss you properly."

Ed complied readily and leaned against the desk as Roy grimaced while he levered himself out of his seat.

"Old man," he taunted.

"I'd like to see how you would move after being crushed for an age by half a ton of automail," Roy growled and quickly crushed his lover's mouth before he could spout more nonsense. There was no objection at all, only a hungry parting of lips and an enthusiastic tongue meeting his own.

Once they got up for air Ed took a deep breath and turned them around so Roy was the one with his back to the desk. They stood with their bodies pressed together for a moment, panting in sync and Ed looked up, his eyes dark. This man, who was not afraid, who held him in the palm of his hand, was his and his alone.

"Do you have time?" he asked, taking a step backwards. He had to have the man, now, had to taste him and make him squirm and come.

The General looked at him with some confusion. Had they not been spending the best part of an hour alone together?

"Okay," Ed tried again, licking his lips, which cause his lover to moan and reach out for him. "Do you have a little more time?"

"I guess," Roy said somewhat breathless, impatient. What was Ed going on about, why wasn't he /closer/?

"Good," Ed knelt down, undid the General's pants and pulled them down in one swift movement. Seduction was all good but this was a time for action. No more messing about, no more games, just lust, honest, raw and real. He wanted to taste and smell and feel.

"Whoa," Roy got out just before that skilful mouth he had just explored got a hold of his dick. The inner debate whether he actually had time for this lasted about one second. He certainly had, he absolutely had, oh my god, it felt so good. He closed his eyes, his hands sought his lover's hair as he was swallowed whole.

"Ed," he managed to say, panting. "Ed."

The blond held Roy's balls in one hand while the other kneaded his thigh. He slurped and very nearly chewed on the cock in his mouth, causing its owner to buckle at the knees. Roy leaned heavily on the desk to keep upright, his senses whirling. Ed could give a very good blow-job at any time but this was a whole new league. It felt hot and tight and deep and, and, he came, shuddering. Ed wasn't done yet, he kept on sucking through the after spasms and when he finally let go he was completely out of breath and leaned forward, resting his head on Roy's stomach.

"Thank you," the General managed.

Ed smiled.
"You owe me," he felt incredibly satisfied, though his own cock was throbbing in his pants. That was fine, he could deal with that, it was the bitter taste in his mouth now that mattered, he had his fill of /Roy/.

"Tonight," Roy promised and bend down to give him a hasty kiss. "I'm sorry to leave you like this, love, but now my time really is gone."

"That's fine," he assured. "That's alright, tonight you will do me."

"I love you," Roy said and blew him a kiss on his way to the door.

"Yes," Ed said and believed, for once, his lover /knew/ he was loved in return.


Settled down

“What was all that about?” Ed said once they were alone in Roy’s office.
“Just a little fun at my expense,” Roy said soothingly, petting Ed’s back since he was bristling. Actually, he was pretty pleased with how that little scene had played out. No-one had reacted badly. Some people had been pointedly silent but they hadn’t dared show disapproval. That was good, he was doing well. Either that or Ed was exceptionally frightening these days.
“Gah," Ed muttered, torn between thinking Roy could stand all the teasing he could get yet that nobody should be allowed to do so except he himself.
“Why do /I/ have to put up with this crap?” he flung out. A little righteous anger never hurt.
“Because you always rise to the occasion,” Roy said calmly, moving his hands up to lightly massage Ed’s delectable neck.
Ed worked his mouth and leaned into the touch.

I'm afraid I have to link to the full text since it's too long for this page.
The 10 000 word ficlet.



When Roy made fuhrer he was going to make the world a better place, absolutely, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t going to enjoy his immense power. He started by moving into the biggest mansion he could find. That was easy. The next thing on his list was making the man he loved move in with him. That might prove slightly more difficult.

He was going to do this subtly, with luring and wooing. He invited Ed (who else?) over for dinner, to broach the subject.

It started well, the chandeliers sparkled, the food was great, the wine was better. During the second course Roy made his move by hinting at his humongous library full of rare texts. Ed snorted.
“You know, everyone who ever tried to get it off with me used that line,” he sighed. “I’m not that single minded, you know.”
Roy was hurt. He had never been accused of being predictable before. Wait a second.
“Everyone?” he frowned. “Just how many is everyone?”
Ed rolled his eyes.
“You didn’t think you were the first did you? Hell, I’ve been around for years.”
Roy was now hurt and jealous.
“But I love you,” he pouted.
“I love you too,” Ed shrugged, as if this was a given.
This was somewhat mollifying.


Roy frowned, thought for a moment and then lowered his head just so. He looked down demurely.
“Please?” he pitched carefully.
Ed moaned.
“You manipulative bastard,” he wailed.


It was quite possibly the best kept secret in all of Amestris: Edward Elric’s military uniform. It hung in it’s protective cover in the master wardrobe, between Roy’s spares in theirs. Pristine, perfectly tailored, complete with trench and dress coat, all the trimmings (he apparently had several decorations, it was truly puke worthy). He had never worn it except for fittings, it was Roy’s little perversion, nothing to do with him.

He had withstood for months, mocking and sneering but the endless pleading, cajoling and outright begging had worn him down. It still irked that he had lost this particular game. He knew the subject might come up again at any time and he dreaded that time. However, he was now owed the biggest favour ever and he was going to take his time to make sure he would get sweet revenge.


A first kiss

(Minor spoilers for episode 44)

Ed stared after his brother and father heading out into the night, the grinding of his teeth all too audible. Roy feared he might just explode.
“Come on,” he said, putting a hand on the boy’s left shoulder and steering him outside.
“What!?” snapped Ed.
“We’re going for a walk,” Roy announced. He pushed Ed ahead of him.
“That’s an order.”
Grumbling and growling Ed complied.
Roy wondered for a moment whatever would happen when that line stopped working. They walked silently for a few minutes until the Rockbell house was out of sight.

“What do you want?” Ed demanded to know.
“You need to calm down,” Roy said. “Man, if you’d hit me like you hit your dad earlier I’d have killed you.”
“You could try,” Ed challenged loudly, turning to face Roy.
“Will it make you feel better to hit me?,” Roy asked. “Wait, don’t answer that”
Ed kicked a convenient boulder with his left foot. It shattered satisfactorily. He sighed.
“Of course, I’d love to punch you out but I need to lie low. It would attract too much attention if you turned up all black and blue tomorrow.”
“I hate to have you thinking you could win but you’re right,” Roy said cheerfully and gave Ed a gentle punch on the shoulder. “I’ll beat you up another time. Again.”
He was borne to the ground by Ed, who tackled him at waist height.

They wrestled through the bracken, down a slope and into a dry ditch. At the bottom Ed was on top, sitting on Roy’s chest, his automail arm leaning on his senior’s throat. He was grinning.
“You were saying?”
“This is not a real fight,” Roy argued. “No, don’t start. You were absolutely right, you need to keep a low profile now.”
“It’s no fun if you don’t even try,” Ed seemed disappointed.
Roy unthinkingly picked a twig from the boy’s hair. Ed moved his right arm and suddenly brushed his lips against Roy’s. He sat up, a faint blush on his cheeks. Roy was flat on his back in the bracken, smiling faintly. He ran his hand along Ed’s left arm.
“Do it again,” he invited, speaking softly.
Ed scowled.
“Really?” he said, uncertainly.
“Please?” Roy hardly dared to breathe.
Ed bent down and kissed the man trapped beneath him. His lips felt rough as he tasted Roy’s. He was gentle yet eager, never closing his eyes. Roy closed his and kissed back. He had often wondered what it would be like and it was damn good.



This was not an equal relationship. Roy did not deceive himself in the least. The age difference was only one minor (ha) factor. The price he paid for being allowed to love and make love to the dreadful brat was that he had to be content with whatever scraps of affection Ed allowed himself to show. Roy didn’t care. He could never show his own feelings. He didn’t mind. Anything was worth it to get the occasional acknowledgment that there was something like love coming his way. That and the hot sex. Ed’s passion was as fierce as everything else about him. And he was so bloody good at everything he tried his hands on. He gave blow jobs that left Roy a quivering mess. Roy would have sworn the kid had been a virgin when they first met but he really knew how to fuck. When had he ever had a chance to pick up such skills? He was called a genius, a prodigy, well, he sure was when it came to hot loving.



Ed took a sip of tea and grimaced.
“There is milk in this,” he said accusingly.
“That’s because it’s mine, you dimwit,” said Roy. “I’m not trying to make you drink milk. I couldn’t care less.”
Ed handed him the cup.
“I know,” he said. “Just my automatic reaction to the vile stuff. Sorry.”
“After all the trouble I went through to get you a nice breakfast,” Roy teased.
“What time is it?” Ed inquired. He fished in Roy’s pocket for his watch.
“Ah. Just enough time to go down on you, if you want it?”
“You don’t really need an invitation for that, do you?” Roy asked, pleased. “I’m all yours, anytime.”
Ed flashed a horrible smirk.
“That may have been a really stupid thing to say,” he grinned. “You just wait.”



“Are you still asleep?” several hours later Roy entered the room again with breakfast. Ed was still in bed.
“No,” he said immediately. He sat up, the gold hair spilling over his shoulders.
Roy put down the paper bags.
“Kiss me,” he said and preempted the reply by pressing his mouth against Ed’s, who responded favourably.
“There is hot tea,” Roy said eventually, reluctantly.
“I am starving,” said Ed, who was always starving.
“There are buns,” said Roy happily, reaching for the bags.
He settled on the bed, pulling Ed into his lap. He then noticed the pile of books.
“You were studying?”
“Yeah,” Ed devoured a bun. “I got up just after you left but I didn’t feel like dressing so I took my books to bed.”
“Did I wake you?” Roy felt a tinge of dismay, he had been so careful.
Ed shrugged.
“You were gone anyway so no point in staying put.”
Coming from Ed this was a declaration comparable to “I will love you passionately with all my heart and soul until the end of time and beyond” from a normal person. Roy kept his face carefully blank. Paying attention to any mark of affection resulted in an immediate shutdown of communication. Ed would go all gruff, which Roy hated intensely. Ed’s desperation to get on top of his feelings was heartwrenching. Roy would invariably play along and they’d be commanding officer versus disdainful rebellion for a while until Ed would recover from the shock of having betrayed any emotion other than anger.



He loved these moments, inhaling the curious mixed scent of fresh body and machine oil. Ed asleep had a sweetness that was nowhere to be found when he was awake with every defense up and running. The alarm made one tiny beep before Roy switched it off. Now for the delicate part. He very gently unwound from the embrace. Ed made a growling noise and his eyelids fluttered.
“Shhh,” Roy whispered, soothingly. “It’s the middle of the night, no need to wake up at all...”
He kept still until the warm body relaxed again. Then he fluidly moved out of bed. Like clockwork, Ed turned on his back. He wasn’t entirely comfortable lying on either side. Roy looked down on his lover for a few moments. He felt fiercely protective of the little pest (And even in his own head he was careful about the “little”). It was difficult to take any care at all of a creature so stubborn and independent but Roy tried his hardest.



Like most days, Roy woke up before his alarm went off. He didn’t move so as not to disturb the boy in his arms. He always kept him carefully curled up to him. One reason for this was that he loved to feel the tight body against his. Another was that Ed’s default position was flat on his back with his right arm flung away from him. From this he often went into nightmares where he trashed around. Only a very few chance encounters with the freezing cold metal arm had been enough. Roy never mentioned it but he made sure he kept the boy wrapped in his arms, warm and quiet.